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The Enjoyment Of Zikr And Pleasure In Giving Up Sin

The Enjoyment Of Zikr And Pleasure In Giving Up Sin


When the heart will experience the pleasure in taking the name of Allah, then the pleasure experienced in finite things will drop from one's sight. One's experience from a worldly point of view proves that one who has lived in the bright sunlight cannot be fooled by the dim light of the stars. This is why the planet closest to the sun is called Mercury. Scientists have explained that Mercury has not been given a single moon because it remains brightened by the sun all the time. This is why no moon is required there. Even if it had a moon. the light of such a moon would not be visible at all. Similarly, one whose heart is brightened by the sun of the closeness of Allah, one who is the companion of the Creator of the sun, has so much light in his heart that all the combined lights of the universe compared to the light of Allah is totally insignificant in his sight. His inner condition is expressive of this condition:

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Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Saheb
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